Rev. Tom Haines

Tom Haines is Church Planting Director of FEB Central. He planted Pleasant Valley Church in Brantford. Tom is giving overall direction to FEB Central Church Planting, including the Advance Church Planting Institute. He has a passion to raise up up strategic leaders who are committed to planting churches.


Dr. Michael Thiessen

Michael Thiessen is Associate Director of Church Planting. He also pastors Grace Baptist Church in Alliston. He previously served as a College and Adult Ministries Pastor and the director of startup college and seminary in Mozambique. He is a gifted trainer and loves to help ministry leaders become more effective in their ministries.


Dr. Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash is Director of Advance Church Planting Institute. He provides its day-to-day leadership. He is the also the founding pastor of Liberty Grace Church in Toronto. Darryl has a passion to see leaders encouraged and equipped for effective gospel ministry.