Assessments offers possible planters an opportunity to explore whether God could be calling them to church planting.

Assessments include:

  • Group interaction
  • Evangelism role play scenarios
  • A mini-sermon presentation
  • An assessment Interview

Assessments have shown to dramatically improve the success rate of church planters.


Approved church planters will go through a multi-day Greenhouse training:

  • Day One — Personal Plan
  • Day Two — Ministry Plan
  • Day Three — Financial Plan

Planters will finish the Greenhouse training with a clear action plan to take the next steps in planting a church.

Ongoing Training

Ongoing training and coaching are essential for planters to be as effective as possible.

Advance provides training and coaching throughout all stages of the church planting journey.

Advance 1.0

Advance 1.0 follows up the Greenhouse training with regular roundtable gatherings, which will provide community, strategic training, and now ongoing coaching to follow up on personal growth plans, ministry plans, and financial plans.  This stage lasts for the first two years of planting.

Topics covered in 1.0 will include:

  • Character Development and Personal Discipline
  • Evangelism
  • Contextual Ministry and Community Engagement
  • Vision Casting
  • Launch Team Building
  • Fundraising
  • Budget Development
  • Preaching Development
  • Team Strengthening
  • Evaluation 
  • Strategic Prayer
  • Leading in Conflict
  • Raising up Leaders From the Harvest
  • Planting a Reproducing Church
  • Discipleship
  • Church Planting Pitfalls

Advance 2.0

After two years, planters will transition to Advance 2.0, which weighs more heavily on networking with peer planters concerning the mechanics of leading a church to maturity and formal recognition.

For this year, Advance 2.0 will take place on the same dates and at the same locations as our other roundtables, yet we will plan unique experiences and events for these planters.

Advance 3.0

Finally, Advance 3.0 will be a dynamic platform for networking, reserved for those who are currently strategizing the planting of multiple churches.  We will be facilitating informal discussion concerning the advancement of church planting, coaching newer planters, and taking significant steps beyond our own church.