Changing the spiritual landscape of the city through the multiplication of missional churches

- A FEB Central Ministry -

Why | The Need

We believe there’s a desperate need in Canada’s largest city. As the population grows, the gospel’s influence is diminishing.

We believe in the importance of the approximately fifty existing Fellowship churches in Toronto. We believe that we also need to plant new churches.

How | The Plan

Our goal? To create an urban church planter training centre in Toronto that will serve as an engine to drive a perpetual movement of church planting in the city.

To do this, we will find and develop leaders in the art and skills of starting new urban churches through a church planting residency.

At the end of this two-year process, we aim to have a cohort of church planters who are trained and ready to plant churches.

If you are considering church planting, we can help you get from dream to reality.

Values | Our Distinctives

focused on the strategic city of Toronto

tailored to the strengths and needs of each leader

connecting strategic leaders for maximum impact


leading to the launch of innovating new ministries


To train, equip and support church planters to launch new urban churches