Introduction to Advance

Advance is a new church planting training centre in Toronto. We want to create an engine to drive a perpetual movement of church planting in the city. To do this, we will find and develop leaders in the art and skills of starting new urban churches through a church planting residency.

At the end of this two-year process, we aim to have a cohort of church planters who are trained and ready to plant churches.

The curriculum will be tailored to individual students within the program, and will include modules from the following:



The Leadership Series through BILD International
Biblical and theological foundations for church planting
Qualities of a church planter
The difference between a church planter and a pastor
Spiritual warfare and church planting
How urban ministry is different
Choosing a community
Choosing a church planting model
Creating a ministry plan
Building a ministry team

Personal Formation

Surviving the challenges of church planting
Developing a spiritual life
Marriage and family dynamics
Adaptive learning
Time management and the church planter

Evangelism and Discipleship

Evangelism basics
Evangelism and the church planter
The basics of apologetics
Discipleship strategies
Belief systems (world religions and atheism)
Churches that plant churches



The basics of preaching
Preaching in a church plant

Ecclesiology and Church Life

The basics of church life
Creating a gospel culture
Keeping the vision alive
Governance and structure
Leadership development
Small Groups
Handling conflict

Nuts and Bolts

Charitable status
Meeting space
Children's ministry
Managing staff

Becoming a Partner Church

Partnership with Advance involves three commitments:

  • Working with Advance to assess the strengths of your church
  • Agreeing to take on students to work with the church in the areas of those strengths
  • A financial commitment to the Institute (suggested amount: $1,000 annually)

If you are interested in becoming a partner church, please contact us, or fill out the form below.

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